Link Accounts

Link Accounts

  • You can link your 25BMI. to your Doctor.


  • Only one (1) link is allowed.


  • Your Doctor will be able to view your weight loss progress, but not change any of your profile settings.


  • You may only send a  one (1) link profile requests per week.

Linked Accounts - Link / Unlink

Here is the profile you are linked to:


Name                           User                                       Link / Unlink


Bill Stevens                   Doctor                                      Unlink


Search for your Doctor on 25BMI - and Request Link

Her is a list of the Medical Professionals already registered on 25BMI.
If your G.P. is here, you can click on the “request to link” link and request that your G.P. link their accounts with yours.
You may only send the “link request” to your current G.P.
If your G.P. is not in the list below, please send an email to him / her to request that they register on 25BMI.
BE AWARE: Any 25BMI Member that abuses this professional service will have their account terminated immediately.

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Dr. Gary Moran

Moran G.P
The Old Lodge, Broad Street
Wicklow Town, Wicklow W3N56T


Dr. Brian Murphy

Murphy G.P
18 Seaview Terrace
Galway, Galway G0678F


Dr. Mary Kennedy

Kennedy G.P
29 Dublin Road
Cork, Cork C89trY


Dr. Tom Jones

Jones G.P
18 Bushy Park
Kilkenny, Kilkenny K0978G


Dr. Mick Murphy

Murphy G.P
16 Dundrum Rd
Dublin, Dublin D14098


Dr. Dan McCarthy

The Ashford Clinic
39 Sandford terrace
Dublin, Dublin 7890po


Send 25BMI Email Registration InvitatIon to your G.P.

Send an email to invite your doctor to register and join 25BMI (their email is needed)