Link Profiles

Link Profiles


The 25BMI program is designed to be used:


  • As a stand-alone behavioral, weight-management programme, or
  • In conjunction with your G.P.


If you wish to use the 25BMI service in conjunction with your G.P. – you will need to subscibe. (This is free for medical card holders in Ireland).


You can then ask  your G.P. to link their 25BMI profile with your own.


After linking profiles, your G.P. will be able to:


  1. Monitor your weight loss progress online by viewing your profile.
  2. Review your medical history (if you wish to confidentially submit this information online for their review).
  3. Prescribe weight-loss medication for you – as they consider appropriate.


All these options are available to you – after you have become a 25BMI Subscriber.